The strategic approach

One of the pillars of Edison’s new strategy consists of customer centrality and a commitment to customers. In this way, Edison plans to continue being a benchmark in its sector with an increasingly active role in both the consolidation of the retail market and the strengthening of the energy efficiency market, which is currently very fragmented.

For Edison, “customer centrality” means offering increasingly competitive and integrated offers to meet and anticipate the needs of its customers. It also means focusing on the quality of relationships with its counter parties by offering a high service levels and putting simple, transparent tools at their disposal, while also devoting attention to particularly vulnerable customers.

Edison’s focus on the environment and customers also translates into energy efficiency. Energy efficiency not only refers to the sale of special services and technological specifications, but it is a bona fide business model with the aim of forging partnerships with its customers.

This approach takes tangible shape in the provision of energy consultancy services focused on customer care, building and managing self-production plants and optimising energy use directly at its customers’ sites. Indeed, all these elements directly benefit Edison customers.