People and safety as a must

The activities that characterised 2016 included the substantial completion of the “social plan” for personnel at the thermoelectric power stations not currently operating due to the need to remedy the recent production overcapacity in Italy.

2016 saw the completion of the re-employment process that began in late 2012 when employees affected by the discontinuance of operations of certain thermoelectric power plants signed the related agreement with the trade unions. The signing of the agreement with the trade unions, in which the latter were able to balance the Company’s needs with those of the workers on a particularly complex issue is a good example of effective social dialogue in the field.

Approximately 150 workers were affected by the agreement: 70% of these workers were assigned alternative positions within the Group, 20% outside the Group through agreements with sound industrial companies in the local area and the remaining 10% were given incentives to begin their own business activities. The social plan – aimed at finding non-traumatic solutions for the personnel affected – entailed the Company’s economic and operating commitment in line with the willingness of the concerned parties and with ongoing and constructive dialogue and discussion with national and local trade unions.

The focus on people’s health and safety has been significant. During the year, many training sessions were held with internal and external personnel. Safety cross-checks were conducted at the various production sites and action was taken to improve/implement safety procedure for specific activities. In addition, tutoring was provided on worker safety.

Edison devoted particular focus on the contractor firms on which it conducts first level internal audits to check that they are applying safety standards in their documentation and on-site activities.

At the Pizzighettone site, a “reward system” called “Safe conduct”, was implemented for company personnel to motivate workers to follow work safety procedures in site activities.

The Power Asset Engineering Division reported no incidents involving company personnel in 2016 and there were no accidents involving company personnel at the temporary or mobile sites managed by the Division.