Strategic priorities: energy that is ever more sustainable

Edison is one of the top players in the production and sale of electricity in Italy.

production and sale of electricity

e2i energie speciali, a company in which Edison Partecipazioni Energie Rinnovabili holds a 30% interest, has been assigned management of the wind farms. Edison has expanded its presence in Greece with Elpedison, a joint venture with Hellenic Petroleum and Ellaktor, which owns two large combined cycle plants in Thessaloniki (390 MW) and Thisvi (410 MW). Edison is also active in Brazil through Ibiritermo S.A., a 50:50 joint venture with Petrobras S.A. The joint venture owns a 226-MW combined cycle plant.

In addition, the Company has operations in Spain (thermoelectric power plants with roughly 24 MW and a photovoltaic plant transferred from Fenice) and in Poland (one 12-MW coal plant transferred from Fenice).